iPhoneography“, the act of taking photos with the iPhone, has evolved drastically in the last years since. The iPhone is in fact the most popular camera used to take pictures on Flickr, making it clear that the saying “The best camera is the one that’s with you” is true. The iPhone has given us the chance to follow our most  serious photographic endeavours making our inspiration boundless.

I too love iPhonography, I feel it personal, since I can take pictures when I want and edit them on-the-go to perfectly mirror the emotions of the moment on the capture.

My “Capture” folder (I name folders on my iPhone based on the purpose of the Apps in them) is probably the most updated one, and I try to upload every day at least one photo on Instagram, because yes, “Sharing is caring”.

Many people have asked me on Twitter “What App did you use to take that photo?”. For this reason I decided to share a list of my favourite photography Apps for the iPhone.


KitCam – $0,99

When it come to serious photo capturing, this app does it all. Besides the ability to edit your photo even before taking it with real-time previews, the App gives you the change to fine-tune your shots to the maximum. White-balance, Exposure, Focusing and even an fully customizable HD recording mode. All edits are non-destructive so you can tweak your shots over and over again.

Analog – $0,99

From the creators of the to-do list App Clear, Analog is the fastest and easiest way to take, process and share photos. While it doesn’t give you in-depth editing capabilities it’s gesture based interface really get’s you going.


Snapseed – Free
Sometimes you need to focus on your editing to obtain quality from your capture.
Created by Nik Software, leader in digital photography software, Snapseed give you all the fine tuning tools you need to get the most out from your photo while preserving it’s quality.

VSCO Cam – Free (with in-app purchases)
Sleek, clear and fast. Developed by Visual Supply, VSCO Cam is the go-to app for vintage lovers with it’s top-quality vintage filters. Now the team realeased a brand new app with more than 50 professional filters to tweak and edit. It’s simply great.

Mextures – $0,99
Viva la grunge”, “Toxic”, “Sunfelt”, “Mummify“… these are just some of the intense effects available on Mextures. The App helps you recreate a filmy, grainy look typically created in old -and severly damaged- analogue film/holga camera.

Over – $0,99
Sometimes, you just need the urge to place text over bad photographs with intense vintage filters applied to them. For those urges Over comes in to rescue.


Instagram – Free
Is there anyone who doesn’t know what Instagram is?
Instagram is THE photo-sharing and social networking app. It enables its users to take pictures, apply digital filters to them, and share them on virtually every social network.

Flickr – Free
Now powered with 1 Terabyte of free space, Flickr has become the must-have social network profile for photographers.

500px – Free
Similar to Flickr, 500px give you a social profile where to share and sell your captures too!